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Skull shaped week

Why do people like pictures of skulls? Skulls can be spooky, dangerous and mysterious. They remind us of war, murder or our ancestors. If you see someone's skull they are dead. This is something at the level of instincts.
For these reasons the skull is the ultimate symbol of mortality.
But In Christian culture, the image of a skull with a cross made of bones is called "Adam's head." There is a legend that the remains of Adam was located on Calvary, where Christ was crucified. And when Christ was crucified, his blood seeped through the earth and washed the skull of Adam.
Adam's head neoskull skull shaped week
Thus, all humanity in his face was freed from sins and received the possibility of salvation. True or not, but there is this legend. Skull has acquired another symbolic meaning: liberation from death and salvation among Christians.
But the same symbol was also used throughout the world, and besides ... in the army. And by no means the armies of any "wild nations", but the most civilized: the British, French, Finnish, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Austrian, Italian and Russian! Every nation had it's own motive to put on skull image on it uniform. But to all comes to : Joy of skulls tells people you laugh in the face of death, a one fingered salute to the grim reaper.
Military uniform was always biggest influence on fashion industry. Thus blend of army style and skull symbolic is actual now and on-words.
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Freedom. Here we are talking more about freedom of expression. In a decent society, wearing clothes with a skull or showing a matching tattoo considered bad form. There are a lot of frames here. A decent society is like not about me (You?) A confident man, free from any restrictions, can wear a skull shirt. The same with interior items. A person who respects his taste, is not ashamed in front of the guests for his skull shaped lamp.
The image of skulls is often used in rock culture attributes. And freedom of expression is an integral part of it. This is not clear to everyone. Some people, seeing a punk-style girl on the street, laugh at her back. And I laugh at such people. They shuffle in their gray coats home and think that they are happy. But the girl just did not want to hide her real "I" and was not afraid to be free. That's what I'm talking about.
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Skull is the framework of the human face which we like subconsciously. Skull is the seat of your brain, the cage of your consciousness. Your consciousness, your inner self. Freedom, Mortality, Salvation, Death , Eternity or begging. Everything that is important for you will be reflected in bracelet or ring your wearing. In despite of waves of eternal cold that emanates from hollow eyes... if. If you favor skull, clothes with matching print will warm not only your body but, your rebellious soul.
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